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Preparatory Module Eng Rom
[Lab] Measurement of Electronic Devices and Circuits Eng Rom
[Lab] Electrical Circuits Eng Rom
[Lab] Electrical Materials Eng Rom
[Lab] Measurement and Automated Test Systems Eng Rom
[Lab] Electrical Drives Simulation Eng Rom
[Lab] Simulation of the Control Systems Used in Electrical Processes Eng Rom
[Lab] Electrical Machines Eng Rom
[Lab] Domotics


[Lab] Web-Oriented Applications of Databases Eng Rom
[Lab] Inteligent Networks - Basic Call State Model


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Leonardo da Vinci Pilot Project RO / 01 / B / F / PP 141024, "VIRTUAL ELECTRO-LAB" and extended
within the framework of the Leonardo da Vinci Transnational Network RO / 06 / B / F / NT175014, "VET-TREND",
with the financial support of the European Commission.

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