Simulation of the Control Systems Used in Electrical Process Laboratory

Generally, the PI Control function is a feedback loop where the driving machine (asynchronous motor) receives input data such as a setpoint and acceleration and deceleration times and the driven machine (usually a DC motor) closes the loop by providing the real speed of the drive. Using filters (proportional and integral), the Static Power Converter (Altivar) regulates the speed of the drive to maintain a constant fluent velocity according to it?s inputs.

The inputs of this function are:

- Proportional Gain (0.01 - 100.00)
- Integral Gain (0.01/s - 100.00/s)
- Setpoint (0.000V - 10.000V)
- Acceleration time (0.0s - 25.0s  )
- Deceleration time (0.0s - 25.0s )

This function realizes the PI Control of an electric induction machine (asynchronous motor).