Domotics Laboratory

For demonstrating the functionality of a domotic system, we have created the following experimental system

The intellingent house is simulated by a box, the heating system is represented by a light bulb, the ventilation system by a ventilator and the external environment is represented by another light bulb. For monitoring the temperature (internal and external) we use two temperature sensors.

The system receives the external and internal temperatures. When the system starts the set parameters are being checked. First, the external temperature is raised to the set value. The external temperature must be bigger than the actual temperature of the environment where the box is places.

When all values are checked, the internal and external temperatures are raised to the set values and after this, the domotic system is used to bring the internal temperature to the requested one, by starting the heating light bulb or the ventilator.

If the values are not practically achievable, the simulator will return an error. The possible values are:

1. no error
2. error, external temperature too low
3. error, internal temperature too low
4. error, the desired value could not be reached within a minute.

If there is no error, the system generates a graph with the temperatures evolution over time.

Following is the Java applet which allows you to interact with the laboratory.