Electrical Machines Laboratory

Starting with a zero velocity, the asynchronous motor starts to accelerate and continues that way until it reaches a specified velocity in a given time. Then, it continues to rotate with that velocity for a certain time, after what it starts decelerating with a given time which is divided by the deceleration reduction coefficient. Several types of slopes can be selected for acceleration and deceleration, and also 4 types of braking are available to the user. If type 2 (Freewheel stop) of braking is used, the deceleration values will be ignored since this kind of stop cuts down the power of the motor.

Inputs of this function are:

- Velocity (0rpm -1500 rmp)
- Acceleration time (0.0s -25.0s  )
- Deceleration time (0.0s - 25.0s )
- Slope type (0, 1 or 2)
- Deceleration reduction coefficient (1 to 10)
- Stop type (0, 1, 2 or 3)
- DC injection current (0.1A to 7A)
- DC injection time at braking (0.0s to 30s)