Electrical Drives Simulation Laboratory

This applet is used to post a measurement request for an electrical drive of an engine. The values that can be set by the user are: number of samples , km (fill factor for the voltage of the engine) and kl (fill factor for the resistive load). The workbench server measures the angle, the angular speed, Im, Ul and Il for the engine. These will be available as graphics (time values) and as measured values after the experiment has finished and the applet received the experimental data.

After pressing the "Send request" button, the applet will send the request to the server which stores it into the database. After the request is in the database, the applet will show a table containing a list with all the posted mesurement requests.

You can choose any request from the table and view the results (as graphs) by pressing the "View selected request" button. This will open a new window into which the graph is painted.